Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate Collection HD and Class on Demand Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 14

DMN by John Virata

Pinnacle Studio 14 is a very mature video editing system targeted mostly at home users and video editing enthusiasts, but certainly not limited at these groups. Any application that continues into double digit versions has to be a good app with a lot of functionality, and Studio 14 is one of those application's that has its own ecosystem of support with books, online sites, and video tutorials. Within the scope of this review, the Studio 14 workflow will be covered as well as some video tutorials from Class on Demand, which offers video-based tutorials for Pinnacle Studio as well as many other creative applications, both consumer and professional level.

Studio 14 features a new interface that evokes simplicity. It retains the tabbed workflow featuring Import, Edit, and Make Movie tabs located at the top of the main window. To the right is the preview window, which can be expanded and collapsed via the slider at the top. You can also launch the help system and there is a link to the Pinnacle Studio website. The tabs are set up in the order you would make a movie; First you Import your content, then you Edit it, and finally, you distribute, or make your movie.

The Import tab is where you import the media that you want to use in your projects. You can import straight from a video camera or from a folder on a hard drive or other storage device. Once you've imported the footage that you need, you can begin to assemble your project using the Edit tab. read more...

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