Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection Version 14 Review

Videomaker by Mark Holder

Combined with its ease of use, powerful features, and a number of advanced enhancements Pinnacle's Studio 14 Ultimate Collection is an ideal choice for the budget minded beginner as well as the serious enthusiast.

Pinnacle offers three versions of its Studio 14 product: Studio HD at $50, Studio Ultimate at $100 and the Studio Ultimate Collection at $130. Upgrade options include $70 (Ultimate) and $100 (Ultimate Collection). The full-boxed version of Ultimate Collection includes a Chroma-key green screen.

Pinnacle's Studio 14 Ultimate Collection, reviewed here, combines a gentle learning curve with sophisticated functionality to provide a product that is sure to appeal to a wide range of users from beginners to serious enthusiasts.

Where Do I Begin?
Studio 14 introduces a simplified interface paired with an effective guided tour that is available through the Help menu. Within minutes of completing the tour, most users will be able to begin importing and adding video to the timeline along with music, titles and effects. Also available is a sample project that allows the user to see the layout of the timeline and how the various elements fit together. For additional training, a number of video tutorials are available at
To Tell The Story
Pinnacle Studio uses a three-step process via three tabs across the top of the work area: (1) Import, (2) Edit and (3) Make Movie. Video is imported from any number of sources including DV, HDV and AVCHD camcorders, as well as digital still cameras. Using scene detection, the various scenes within your footage are displayed in the album area. read more...

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