Pixellot AI Streaming Solutions are Being Purchased by Colleges with CARES Act Funding

Many Educational institutions have benefited greatly from CARES Act Funding. This includes Rocky Mountain College who has greatly improved the streaming process of their sports program, with the addition of Pixellot AI Streaming Gear.

While Pixellot are great systems to produce your live sports broadcast, these devices take a great deal of know how for installation.  Luckily, Videoguys can help.  We have a network of dealers who regularly perform installs with devices like these, who we can direct you to.  Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-323-2325 for more information!

It is also worth noting, when talking about Pixellot, that no industry in streaming has been hit harder than the sports production industry.  But Pixellot is a great tool to help sports broadcasting stand out in a time when fans can't be in the stadium.  This extends to education, looking to keep their sports programs going strong.

“We’re working with two schools, Rocky Mountain College in Montana and Missouri State University-West Plains.  These programs are reacting to the changing [production] environment, and, since they’re getting ready to have games without fans in the stands, they’ve used these funds to pay for our technology in order to adjust.”

-David Shapiro, president, North America, Pixellot

When schools are being forced to forgo a traditional camera set up, Pixellot's one device multi-camera AI has been a popular alternative to continue to create a sophisticated high profile sports production stream.  

Check out this article from sportsvideo.org to learn more.



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