Pixellot AIR Makes it as Easy as 1, 2, 3 to Capture & Analyze Sports

On this exciting episode of Videoguys Live, our host, James, delves into the world of sports technology, introducing you to the Pixellot AIR and unlocking its potential. Discover the Pixellot AIR, an innovative AI sport tracking camera that's changing the game in sports event coverage. James will guide you through its extraordinary features and how it's transforming the way we capture and analyze sports events. From professional-quality footage to in-depth stats and analytics, you'll learn how the Pixellot AIR elevates the sports viewing experience for fans, athletes, and coaches alike. James will also shed light on the subscription service that accompanies this cutting-edge technology, explaining how it enhances your sports content delivery. If you're passionate about sports, technology, or simply interested in staying at the forefront of innovation, this webinar is a must-watch. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the future of sports videography with Pixellot Air. Discover the latest in sports technology and revolutionize your sports content delivery with Pixellot AIR.

Watch the full webinar below:

The Pixellot AIR Camera is a cutting-edge sports videography solution that seamlessly combines simplicity with sophistication. This integrated mobile camera offers sports academies an invaluable tool for capturing and analyzing every aspect of their games and practices automatically. Cost-effective and lightweight, it empowers academies and grassroots teams to employ advanced video analysis tools that were once the preserve of elite clubs, enabling them to elevate their performance and gain insights that were previously out of reach. With Pixellot AIR, the power of professional-level video analysis is now within the grasp of sports enthusiasts and organizations looking to excel in their respective fields.




  • Light and portable - Less than 2kg
  • Auto-production & Auto-highlights
  • Advanced coaching tools
  • 2X4K wide angle action camera
  • Internal rechargeable six-hour battery
  • Indoor & outdoor use

Tripods for Pixellot AIR
Whether you're capturing sports action on the field or analyzing indoor practices, the Pixellot Air Camera offers versatile tripod options to suit your needs. With both outdoor and indoor tripod solutions available, you can seamlessly adapt this advanced camera to any environment. This flexibility ensures that you can effortlessly record and analyze sports events, practices, and games regardless of where they take place, making the Pixellot Air Camera a truly adaptable and user-friendly sports technology solution.

Subscription Features

  • Unlimited events
  • 12 months storage
  • Unlimited users
  • 24/7 Professional customer support
  • Free access to VidSwap Analytics: Pixellot’s professional analytics platform used by top teams, leagues and colleges around the world enabling them to improve team performance using sports data analysis.
  • Free full game breakdowns bundle: Free, comprehensive breakdowns of games includes key moments' tagging, detailed statistics and data for both individual players and the entire team.
  • Dedicated Success Manager: A dedicated Customer Success manager for your first 5 weeks with Pixellot, to assist you with the onboarding, setup and to make sure you make the most of your camera.

Powerful, Portable System​
Wherever you go, the Pixellot Air follows. Giving you an advantage of capturing every home AND away game..​

4 Hours To Get Your Processed Videos​
Record & upload recordings from your mobile device. Our team edits & processes your videos in 4-6hrs.​

Integrated Viewing & Analysis Tools​
Dual platform that allows parents to re-live moments and coaches to analyze and breakdown film.​

Breakdown Everything​
Gain key understandings on who you are scouting and your team performance using video, analytics, and visualizations.​

VidSwap Synched with YOU​
Video you capture from Pixellot AIR or your own GoPro is synched to your own VidSwap account.​

We Do All the Work​
Save hundreds of hours a season. Focus on coaching and let us breakdown the games for you.​

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