Pixellot Brings Automated Production to Israeli Basketball Association

One of the most exciting products available today in the sports production space is Pixellot's Automated Production System. And the company is expanding its reach by signing with the Israeli Basketball Association for their broadcasts.

While Pixellot are great systems to produce your live sports broadcast, these devices take a great deal of know how for installation.  Luckily, Videoguys can help.  We have a network of dealers who regularly perform installs with devices like these, who we can direct you to.  Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-323-2325 for more information!

PIxellot will be providing the IBBA with highlights as well as live streaming with dedicated OTT application.  Coaches and analysts will be able to take advantage of Pixellot as a platform to improve players- in addition to streaming the game easily to the masses. 

“IBBA is committed to applying cutting-edge technology in order to revolutionize the accessibility of basketball games in our market by making the content and additional features available to everyone, everywhere and anytime.  Basketball is a forward-thinking sport, and we plan to be at the forefront of this technology revolution. Our teams and players will benefit directly from access to stats and video breakdowns like never before. The fact that Pixellot is an Israeli-company makes us even prouder”.

-IBBA Chairman Amiram Halevi

Check out this article from sportsvideo.org to learn more!

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