PIxellot Technology Delivers for Wizards Rookie Deni Avdija

Pixellot technology is a perfect solution for high end sports broadcasting and live streaming. One such workflow was set up by the Wizards Rookie basketball team with Israeli Technology at the helm.

Deni Avdija was projected to be number 2 in this years NBA draft, and he largely has coverage done with Pixellot Technology to thank.  Israels commitment to Pixellot on the ground floor when the company was new six years ago, helped the Wizards discover and draft Avdija.  

"As they worked, cameras (working together within one unit) from Pixellot’s simple midcourt installation were always watching, monitoring both Avdija’s movements in a tight shot as well as recording a panoramic view. After the workouts, Veljko would approach Frank for the practice film to analyze small changes that Avdija could make."


Pixellot not only has a host of features perfect for sports coverage, but it also has a host of features perfect for coaches.  The replay functions and recording capabilities are perfect for coaches creating new plays and strategies.  

In addition, the functions available to comentators and game analyzers is second to none, with a host of features that make Pixellot incredibly flexible.  

Its worth noting that Pixellot is not sold here at Videoguys, but we do have an extensive network of dealers who can help you purchase Pixellot products and assist in an installation.  Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-323-2325, for further information. 

Check out this article from Forbes to learn more. 


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