Planet 5D: Using Canon HDSLRs for Video


Using Canon HDSLRs for Video

Welcome to our Video primer - or the "how to shoot video on Canon HDSLR guide". Using the HDSLR as a video camera is easy, but mastering it is a bit harder. It isn't exactly the same as using the simple Canon Camcorder you've been using to capture the rug rats running around the house. The HDSLR doesn't do the autofocus like your camcorder does and it isn't a fixed focal length either. Most of the experts are recommending you do manual focus "like the pros do" - there is a simple focus technique you can use to start out your shot, but after you begin a take, you'll have to make any focus adjustments manually.

A lot of this material comes from specific posts about the Canon EOS 5D Mark II - however, in most cases, it now applies to all of the Canon HDSLRs.

Get started by reading thru this page and watching this video from the Event Videographer's Resource Overview (almost a marketing piece from Canon) and then the videos that come in the first section:

Getting Started

There are a few quick videos i would suggest you watch to get a feel for the camera and how to shoot video. Sure, you can struggle on your own (it isn't rocket science), but i found that a few quick lessons saved me some time getting started.

The DSLR Cinematography Guide a very good introduction to doing video with the VDSLR

Some good overview videos from jonvideo on youtube (make sure to watch in HD by clicking the link right below the video that says "Watch in High Quality")

Follow this link for the complete Planet 5D Canon DSLR Video Guide

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