Planning a new NLE system... part 1.

Premiere Pro Benchmark for CS6 by Harm Millaard

Gary's Notes: This is another great article and service to the Adobe NLE community from Harm. When we update our DIY articles, Harm is one of the guys I go to for the latest information and advice for Adobe optimization. I was honored and happy to return the favor when he asked me for feedback on this article. Thank you Harm for all you do for the Adobe community, running the Premiere Pro Benchmark website and participating in other user forums and communities across the web!
This will be the first part of a number of articles about a new system that needs to be built. It starts with the theory and in subsequent articles it will show the actual progress on the build. This series may go on for months, depending on market developments, technological developments and budget restraints. Hover the mouse over one of the topics below to expand it.
A sincere Thank you to Bill Gehrke, Eric Bowen, Gary Bettan, Mitch Wood, Randall Leong and Todd Kopriva for helping me with this article and your very constructive thoughts and remarks. You have all been a big help.
Tackling our doubts
From time to time we all face the question, should we build a new system now or in the next couple of months? What should we aim at, in terms of improvements? Do we need to save some more $$ and postpone our new system for a couple of months to profit from that decision for years to come? Where can we find info about option A or B to help us decide what is best for us? Is it really worth it in terms of 'Bang-for-the-buck' BFTB? Have we taken all aspects of a new system into consideration, did we not forget anything? Should we wait for those new accounced products?
The ultimate purpose is to tell you how I went about building a new system, what considerations I had for certain choices, where my doubts were and how I tackled them. The limitation of the series is that it only applies to my situation and not by definition to your situation, so you have to distill anything that applies to your situation and tweak as necessary for your needs. read more...

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