Planning & Building a NLE System

Premeire Pro Benchmark for CS6 by Harm Millaard

Our good buddy Harm has completed his MONSTER NLE machine. This beast of a workstation is optimized for Adobe CS6 performance. Harm did a ton of research on this and he shares it all on his blog. He used our DIY9 Guide as part of his research, and I was happy to give him some advice along the way. Great Job & Thank you Harm!

From what I hear among videographers, many are contemplating a new system. Some because their system is getting a bit old or is simply outdated, others because of a new camera they got, but whatever the reasons, they are all plagued by serious doubts. What should I buy, which components, is it worth the price, will it do what I want, is it the best I can get within my budget?

I went through all of these phases, just like everybody else and here is the story I can tell you about my new system, which has been nicknamed ' Harm's Monster'. Not by me, but by people who followed the building stage.

The build is now (almost) finished and it seems like a good moment to share this with you. Even though the WEI (Windows Experience Index) scores are pretty meaningless for video editing, the score of 8.7 is not bad, but more telling is the performance in the PPBM5 Benchmark with over 1,050 systems all tested with Premiere Pro under the same conditions, where this system achieved a 119 second score and took first place on CS6, followed by the runner-up at 145 seconds. Pretty impressive, right?

Looking forward to your reactions.

Harm P. Millaard

Click here for the full article and build info

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