PopDrops Professional DVD Menu Templates and Packaging Designs

popdropsOne request we get all of the time is for professional looking DVD templates. We are happy to announce that we now offer the very best we’ve ever seen – PopDrops by PixelPops. The professional quality graphics you’ll find on these templates are simply outstanding and we’re sure you’ll agree that they’re worth the investment. PopDrops is a collection of customizable DVD menu templates and packaging designs. Each volume includes 30 DVD Menu Themes with 120 Templates and 60 DVD Disc Insert and Disc Label Themes with 120 Templates. Tweak the templates to quickly and easily create new looks and styles. You may move layers, change text, and alter the designs however you like. PopDrops are perfect for use with any DVD authoring software package that imports Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) files.  · DVD Menu Templates include two main menus and two chapters menus of each design  · Matching DVD Case Insert & Disc Label Templates facilitate a unified packaging design  · Mac & PC compatible  · NTSC & PAL Templates are included  · Matching Packaging Designs include 150 DPI and 300 DPI resolution templates  · Includes Photoshop PSD Colorization layer for easily altering the colors of every design  · Integration with Adobe Encore DVD allows you to quickly create stunning DVD menus We have a flash animation on our PopDrops page that shows you each template set available in the first 2 volumes. We also offer special bundle pricing when you purchase PopDrops and any video editing or DVD authoring software. Click here to Learn more

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