Positive Image Enhances Corporate Communications with Avid Xpress Studio

positive“Our clients don't ask for lots of special effects, but we wanted to be able to offer more. We heard about Avid Xpress Studio and decided it was the one for us.† “We find ourselves doing more effects and more sophisticated titles because, with the Avid FX component, we never have to leave our Avid editing application. It's much simpler.† “It's great to be able to suggest more exciting visual or audio elements that can really make a project shine, but don't take hours or extra budget to complete.† - Bill Kennedy, Production Director, Positive Image As a corporate communications company, U.K.-based Positive Image does not need to have the most high-tech, graphics-heavy equipment in house. What the company does need is the ability to offer its clients, such as Volvo, Jaguar, and Dell, great quality work in a timely and cost-effective manner. “Our current editing and technical infrastructure with Avid Xpress Studio makes life easier for us and our clients, allowing us to complete jobs on time and on budget,† says Bill Kennedy, production director at Positive Image. “I can't believe how we used to manage.† read more...

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