Post Magazine - Avid to Receive Emmy for 'Technology and Engineering'

Being nominated for an Emmy is kind of a big deal. Winning one of course is even more important, but receiving one for improving the way professionals in the field create the content is even more special. That's what Avid has done with their latest award given to them by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). The award Avid is receiving is for their "Pioneering Development of a Computerized Hard-Disk Storage Based Digital Non-Linear, Multi-Stream Multi-Camera System". I hope whoever presents this award has more than just cue cards to get that all out. This awards may seem pretty specified but add this to their trophy case full of 14 other Emmy awards, (with two Oscars and a Grammy to boot) and it's no wonder that Avid is a leader in the multimedia entertainment industry.

“Our 2017 Emmy Award is immensely gratifying for Avid employees everywhere as we continue to focus on delivering innovations of enduring value for the media and entertainment industry,” says Avid Chairman & CEO, Louis Hernandez, Jr. “All of us at Avid are especially grateful to our global customer community, which drives our innovation. Our 15 Emmys, two Oscars and Grammy embody our strong bond with our customers and users, who inspire us and trust us to deliver tools and platforms that are instrumental in telling their stories in increasingly engaging and more powerful ways.”

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