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RED Digital Cinema make some of the highest quality, most talked about cinema quality cameras on the market. In one of their recent "Power of RED" case studies, the company highlighted documentarian, Philip Grossman.

Philip Grossman has traveled the world capturing his travel's with the power of RED. For anybody working in the documentary or film space- inspiration can be taken from Grossman.

Check Out the Video Case Study Below.

Philip Grossman is an adventure documentarian. He's traveled the globe to the most inhospitable locations including Chernobyl (nearly a dozen times), Baikonur Cosmodrome and Semipalatinsk the home of the former USSR’s nuclear bomb testing program. Philip trusts the RED camera technology to deliver motion and large panoramic stills capture.

RED cameras have operated in outer-space, atop the Himalayas, 6 miles under the sea in the Mariana Trench and in the world's nuclear wastelands.


Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

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