Powerful and Flexible Live Streaming with the New Telestream Wirecast Gear 3

Wirecast Gear 3
The most powerful, fully-integrated 
4K streaming device in its price range
Wirecast Gear Family
Wirecast Gear 3 is a family of turnkey live video  streaming and broadcast production appliances. Fully integrated into a single device, Gear 3 provides plug-in-and-go live-streaming and video production for up to five HD or 4K SDI, or four HDMI, sources. Live sports, news broadcasting, worship streaming, and live/ virtual event production is now available in one ready-to-go, convenient, rack-mountable unit
Every Gear 3 unit comes with an ultra-fast AMD Ryzen six-core processor, NVIDIA Quadro GPU for acceleration and encoding, Wirecast Pro software with Stock Media Library for video production and switching, and Switch Player to inspect and monitor the quality of your content. Built as a flexible Windows machine, Gear also supports common applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more as the most comprehensive, configurable, and professional  hardware appliance in its class. Elevate event production with ease and without stress when you take advantage of our top-of-the-line Wirecast Gear

Wirecast Gear 3 is Easier Than Ever.
HD or 4K. HDMI or SDI.
With 4 1080p60 HDMI capture ports, NDI input/output, professional audio inputs and outputs, GPU acceleration, and 16 GB of system memory, setting up your broadcast to go live has never been easier. Stream live church services, sporting events, classroom sessions, concerts, corporate communications, and more with confidence using Gear 3.
Up the ante and bring up to 4 1080p60 SDI camera sources into  Wirecast Gear. Get all the same benefits of the Gear 3 HD HDMI, with  the additional power and flexibility that SDI bring to the table. Add  polish and professionalism to live broadcasts with a powerful,  all-in-one streaming solution
A future-proof solution, broadcast industry leading, high-quality video  through 4 4K60 HDMI input sources, plus a 1080p60 3G SDI input and output, into your content production workflow. Get all of the  powerful features and functionality included in Gear 3 HD models, but  with faster GPU acceleration for enhanced flexibility and creative control.
The only fully-integrated 4K60 SDI streaming appliance available  under $10,000! This top-of-the-line hardware solution comes  complete with everything you need to capture, produce, and stream professional, broadcast-ready video using up to 4 4K60 12G-SDI  inputs and a 1080p60 3G-SDI input. Bypass production limitations  and empower your creativity with Gear 3.
Wirecast Gear 3
The most powerful, fully-configured, turnkey, professional video streaming
and production system offered in its price range
Products and Services
Wirecast Gear is an easy-to-use, fully-configured, flexible, professional video production and broadcasting appliance, offered at an affordable price range and designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing hardware. We’ve done all the hard work so there is no need to build your own streaming and production machine - start streaming in minutes with an end-to-end system configured specifically for your needs. With Wirecast Pro built in and integrated GPU acceleration for added efficiency and reliability, it’s a live event production switcher, live news production system, Facebook Live switcher, and YouTube Live switcher all in one box.
  • Higher performance: with more CPU cores, higher clock speeds, faster RAM, and the latest NVMe storage, Wirecast Gear is the highest performing turnkey system offered in its price range.
  • Server-grade processing, hardware-accelerated encoding, and a professoinal NVIDIA Quadro GPU can produce up to four simultaneous 1080p 60fps encodes without using additional CPU bandwidth.
  • More storage: Lightning fast 250GB NVMe SSD OS drive and 1TB SATA SSD for media storage
  • Reliable, high-quality capture: Wirecast Gear supports up to five simultaneous cameras at 1080P or 4K, 60 FPS, via baseband SDI (or four simultaneous cameras via HDMI) depending on the model configuration, plus USB or analog unbalanced 1/8” TRS audio. Up to four display outputs for Multi-Viewer and Interface displays, with optional dedicated SDI program output. Ensure optimal bandwidth availability with two built-in gigabit ethernet ports to segregate your NDI® cameras or Dante® audio sources from your network.

Outcomes at a Glance

  • Optimized for and including Wirecast Pro, this turnkey streaming setup enables the best possible broadcasting experience.
  • Industry-leading hardware and software, coupled with best-in-class support, makes Gear the most complete, highest performing turnkey system in its price range.

Optimized for Capture

  • Durable, sleek 2RU rack-mounted 
  • design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • HDMI or SDI video inputs
  • USB-C and USB-A inputs

Optimized for Production
Fully-built Windows machine with industry-leading software included:

  • Wirecast Pro
  • Integrated Stock Media Library
  • Switch Player

Optimized for Streaming

  • Hardware-accelerated encoding
  • XEON server architecture
  • Dedicated NVIDIA QUADRO graphics
  • card
  • Multiple simultaneous encodes
  • NDI and SDI output

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