A Powerful NLE Workstation for Under 5K - Videoguys Tech Select HP z840 Dual Octo-Core

hp z 840 workstation Z840TS67100

We get asked all the time about the best workstations and pc computers for editing HD and 4K, so we've built our HP z Workstations and Laptops to fit the needs of the most demanding workflows at a variety of price-points. Our HP z840 Dual Octo-Core with Quadro m4000 is simply the most powerful NLE workstation for under $5K! This system is perfect for video editors looking to cut HD, 2K or even 4K footage. With the dual Xeons you'll be able to render your timelines and encode your clips at lightning speed. You get dual octo core Xeon processors, 32GB of RAM, 512GB SSD boot drive and the new blazing fast Quadro m4000 graphics card. Get it here.

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