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Speeding Things Up with
GPU-Accelerated Plugins

NewBlue's GPU-accelerated plug-ins take advantage of today's graphics processing power and work with GPU compatible NLEs to speed up your workflow and increase your creativitiy. GPU effects render up to 6 times faster! - giving you more time to experiment and find the effect that dramatically improves your final production!

NewBlue products support:
• Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, CS5/5.5, CS6/6.5
• Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7, and FCP X
• Avid Media Composer & Symphony 5, 6/6.5
• Grass Valley Edius 4, 5, 6 and the new EDIUS Pro 6.5
• Sony Vegas Pro 9, 10, 11, 12 (32-bit/64-bit OpenFX/DirectX)
and many more!

NewBlue eFX Essentials series (Windows) with all 6 Video Essentials volumes

NewBlue eFX
Now with Essentials 6

retail value $779.70
Bundle reg $349.99

sale expires 4/15/13

eFX gives you all 60 plugins and 675 presets from the NewBlue Video Essentials series for more than 55% off the retail price. This premier video editor’s dream collection helps you create dynamic visual stories with ease. Create a vignette, fix color, split screens, smooth skin, selectively focus subjects and much, much more with eFX.

Includes: Video Essentials I, II, III, IV, V, VI

NewBlue cFX Creative Effects series (Windows) with all NewBlue Creative

NewBlue cFX

retail value $809.75
Bundle reg $374.99

sale expires 4/15/13

Get the entire series of NewBlue Creative Effects for more than 55% off retail price. cFX gives you 47 artistic plugins and hundreds of design presets to transform regular footage into visually stimulating works of video art. Create the old school look of film, manipulate light and apply a virtual artist’s brush with cFX.

Includes: Art Effects, Film Effects, Light Effects, Motion Effects & Paint Effects

NewBlue tFX Transition series (Mac) with all NewBlue Transitions products

NewBlue tFX

retail value $899.70
Bundle reg $399.99

sale expires 4/15/13

Get the entire series of NewBlue Transitions for more than 55% off the retail price. The tFX series contains all the NewBlue Transitions products for one discounted price. Get 68 specialized video editing plugins to transform your scenes with 3D, artistic and luminary style. Apply any of 800 presets and limitless customizable options to easily and powerfully pass viewers from one scene to the next.

Includes: 3D Explosions, 3D Transformations, Art Blends, Light Blends, Motion Blends & Paint Blends

NewBlue totalFX (Mac) the complete series of ALL NewBlue products

NewBlue totalFX
Now with Titler Pro 2.0

retail value $2,919.09
Bundle reg $1,299.99

sale expires 4/15/13

The entire series of NewBlue Total FX for more than 55% off retail price. This all-encompassing series of software plugins work natively with your NLE of choice and includes everything from powerful titling and color correcting tools to hundreds of creative filters and dynamic transitions presets. Turbo charge your film projects with Total FX.

Includes: 3D Explosions, 3D Transformations, Art Blends, Art Effects, ColorFast, Film Effects, Light Blends, Light Effects, Motion Blends, Motion Effects, Paint Blends, Paint Effects, Titler Pro 2.0 & Video Essentials I, II, III, IV, V, VI

NewBlue Wedding Quick Fix Kit (Mac)NewBlue
Wedding Quick Fix


sale expires 4/15/13

We understand that wedding videography is a tough job, so we put together The Wedding Quick Fix Kit to help you cut down on your time spent editing while delivering superior results. The kit offers four plug-ins to help you; eliminate unwanted camera flash during critical moments, effortlessly adjust and enhance color for a rich and balanced look, retouch skin to remove subtle imperfections with ease, and create stunning titles for additional visual appeal and sophistication. This is a must-have video editing toolkit for any wedding videographer.

Includes: Titler Pro 2.0, ColorFast, Flash Remover Pro & Video Essentials IV

NewBlueFX Titler Pro (Mac)NEW LOW PRICE!
NewBlue Titler Pro 2.0
2D & 3D Titling Software

now only $179.00

NewBlue Titler Pro 2.0 takes the ground-breaking efficiency of the original Titler Pro and adds stunning visual appeal and sophistication. With the addition of custom lights, bevels and additional texture options, the perfect look can be dialed in. Through a simple and intuitive interface tap into rich styles and dynamic animations which will enliven your production, while avoiding the time and learning curve necessary in other titling solutions.

NewBlue Titler Pro is designed to improve and simplify your workflow; it’s the titling solution designed with the professional editor in mind.

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