Premiere Pro, After Effects and SSD Drives

The Genesis Project by Dennis Radeke

Okay, lets talk.

I’ve been doing digital video for a long time and have seen a ton of gear walk through my doors during my time with Adobe and in the field in general. There have been lots of great improvements over the course of time and I’ve been privileged to help on some of them. CPU’s have gotten faster and seen more cores, GPU’s have exploded in power, motherboard bus speeds have increased and on and on…

But, we expect this and will continue to do so…

That said, there are very few improvements that make a remarkable difference. Lets be honest, there’s a ton of fast stuff out there and it’s not often that you get disruptive or revolutionary technology that makes a true difference in your every day workflow.

Well, I’ve had one of those game changers for the past 8+ months and after having it all this time, I now have to tell you that an SSD driveis absolutely one of those crazy, transformative technologies. read more...

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