Premiere Pro (and all the Adobe apps) are going cloud only

PVC by Scott Simmons

No more software boxes or 4 figure purchase either for that matter

It’s been an eventful few days in and around the general world of film and video post-production. If you haven’t heard (but of course you have) Adobe made the decision to move all of their software licensing to the cloud, their Creative Cloud, and charge $50 a month to access to everything they make. No more paying some $1,500 up front for the Production Premium and having a box shipped to your door. While it would be nice to have a less expensive monthly access to only those video-centric apps (I’m never going to use Dreamweaver, InDesign or Muse among others) you really do get a lot for that $50 (check out the pricing page for other price options that could lower your monthly bill to Adobe).

Adobe has been offering the Creative Cloud as an option for some time so to be quite honest I wasn’t at all surprised they went down that route. The cloud is all the buzz these days and what company wouldn’t want thousands of customers paying for their product every month for as long as they wanted to use that product?

As with any big change, the Internet has had a knee jerk reaction to this news. There has been so much said on both sides of this argument that it’s not worth recounting all of that stuff here so I think the best thing to do is just link out to some of the discussion. If you really want to find the negative reactions to Adobe’s announcement then dig into some of the comments on these articles as the opinions run deep. read more...

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