Premiere Pro Benchmark for CS5

PPBM5 by Harm Millaard & Bill Gehrke

PPBM5 for CS5

The need for speed. It is all about how you can improve your systems performance!

This latest version of Premiere Pro Benchmark (PPBM5) is the successor of the PPBM4, PPBM2, and PPBM+ tests.

It is designed to be a portable, repeatable, and easily reportable hardware evaluation tool. It will allow you to optimize your Premiere Pro hardware configuration and give you solid data for optimizing your existing system, upgrading your system, or for selecting a new cost effective configuration.

It tests system setup, CPU and cores, hard disk setup, video card and memory.


  • The original PPBM+ benchmark was originally released in 2005 with Premiere Pro 1.5 and was designed as a hardware evaluation tool for Standard Definition (DV NTSC format 720 x 480 pixel resolution). It was very usable with early versions of Premiere Pro. As things changed in CS2, CS3 and CS4 small changes were necessary but now with the new CS5 version, it required major changes. We have incorporated several new input formats with more layers. We also are now encoding to H.264 Blu-ray in addition to the previous DV-AVI and MPEG2-DVD.
  • The new test had to accomodate tapeless workflows, had to use the 64 bit capability of CS5 and had to use the new Mercury Playback Engine or MPE in short.
  • There now are clips of DV, HDV, AVCHD and XDCAM in this new PPBM5 benchmark. As such it requires a much larger download. If this is a problem, we suggest using the PPBM4 Benchmark, even if this does not provide all the information and should not be used as a comparison of CS5 to CS4.
  • There might possibly be a Mac version, we are looking for beta testers.

Click here to learn more about PPBM5, Benchmark Instructions, Test Methodology, viewing the collection of results and to download PPBM5 to run on your own system.

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