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Recently, I was teaching Premiere Pro CC to the editorial team of a cable network and they asked me a series of questions about Premiere that I couldn?t immediately answer.

So, rather than just let the matter drop, I rummaged around in my Rolodex (um, kids you can ask your parents to describe this to you) to find the right person at Adobe to answer them.

Kevin Monahan was the perfect choice. He?s the Support Product Manager for Digital Video and Audio at Adobe. With Kevin?s permission, I?m reprinting his answers here.

Q. My clients are recutting existing movies which have embedded Closed Captions. Does Premiere support exporting a QuickTime movie with embedded captions?

A. If they are merely editing video files with embedded closed captions, those captions will still be there on export. If they need to add new captions to an embedded QuickTime, that is also possible. It used to be true with only certain formats, but I?m pretty sure it?s available in all the main formats. I suggest a test beforehand, however.


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