Premiere Pro CS4 Update includes project exchange with Final Cut Pro, Avid, Red Support

Videomaker by jburkhart

CS4In a move that will be applauded by many (including this editor), Adobe was the first software company to focus a release an update to their editing software that focuses on COMPATIBILITY! Yes, even with other software packages. This newest update to Premiere Pro CS4 allows you to exchange projects with Avid and Final Cut Pro systems. While I don’t expect that every single effect, color correction, or special properties will come through the process perfectly, even simple timeline exchange with cuts and dissolves would be an incredibly useful feature to have in your NLE. And Adobe deserves some respect for being the first out the gate with this type of upgrade.

In addition the 4.0.1 upgrade provides support for the RED camera’s R3d files directly, with no transcoding necessary. Greatly simplifying what was once a pretty unnecessarily complicated Post process when shooting with RED. This latest upgrade adds to Premiere’s support of AVCHD, P2, HDCAM EX, all natively making it the current king of compatibilty among all the editing programs out there. If your camcorder can shoot it, it looks like Premeiere can edit it.

In addition there were stability enhancements and full support for 64 bit systems included in this release. You can read the full release below: read more...

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