Premiere Pro CS6 and NewBlue FX Title Pro

Dave Helmly

Dave invited Travis White from our Plug-in Partner NewBlue FX to give us a quick look at their new Titler for Premiere Pro CS6. I’ve found it incredibly easy to learn and offers some very cool optons for Premiere Pro user.These guys also offer a ton of other cool effects as well. Make sure to check out their website for more cool Adobe “add-ons”

NewBlue Announces GPU-Accelerated Plugins & Titler Pro Compatibility with the Upcoming Release of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Software & Mac Operating Systems

NewBlue had released both GPU-accelerated and Titler Pro plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 earlier this year for the Windows platform. Now, all 165 GPU-accelerated plugins and Titler Pro will work for both Mac and PC platforms and will work within the upcoming release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

“NewBlue has always focused on developing a creative, intuitive, and fast solution for our editors,” said Todor Fay, Co-founder and CEO of NewBlue, Inc. “We’re combining the speed and efficiency of NewBlueFX with the power and dexterity of Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 to create a solution that works for a variety of professional editors. We want to help editors cut to the chase, we want to enable them to implement that creative idea, that incredible story, that inspiring moment - and do so in record time.”

“We are excited to provide our customers this intuitive plugin that will allow for streamlined workflows and faster time to edit,,”said Al Mooney, product manager, Professional Video Editing at Adobe. “NewBlueFX and Adobe Creative Suite 6 will delight our users with a superior editing experience which is what they’ve come to expect.”

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NewBlueFX Titler Pro - A Titler for the Professional Editor's Schedule $299.95 NewBlueFX Motion Blends GPU-Accelerated Dynamic Transitions Plug-In $149.95 NewBlue 3D Explosions $149.95

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