Premiere Pro CS6 New and Missing Features

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Being a Final Cut Pro 7 editor converting to Premiere Pro I had a laundry list of things that I was hoping would be added to CS6, several of which I figured were no brainers in order to to fix up an editing program which was most of the way there but still had a ton of really odd and un-user friendly design choices. So of my list what has been fixed and what has not?

This is going to skip over all the well documented features such as Speedgrade integration, warp stabilizer, and all the bullet points you’ll see on every Premiere Pro CS6 review. Those are great new features and don’t need to be praised any more. Here I’m going to delve into minutiae that saves me a few seconds here and there, but over time add up a great deal. If anyone knows the quick solutions for any of these, please chime in ’cause I’d love to know if I’m just missing a shortcut here or there.



Full Screen mode – Sorely missing before and even with the Shift-tilde command which maximized the program window it became abundantly clear that there were too many buttons and switches taking up the Program window interface. Now fullscreen is here and the other good news is that when you leave full screen, your playhead cursor will be directly in the center of the screen where you stopped playback. In CS 5.5 it would be way off screen nowhere to be found until you zoomed out then back in. read more...

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