Premiere Pro CS6 (Review)

MicroFilmmaker Magazine by Mark Colegrove

We want to make Premiere the Photoshop of video.” That’s a pretty bold statement from Adobe Production Premium Product Manager, Bill Roberts. But if Premiere Pro CS6 is any indication, things certainly seem to be heading that way following Apple’s botched release of Final Cut Pro X. In the time since, most professionals have either been jumping on the Adobe or Avid bandwagon, with most actually choosing Premiere Pro due to its tighter integration with Adobe’s other software: most notably, After Effects.

ditors new to Premiere Pro will find a lot of great features, and for previous users (especially those who held off on getting Premiere Pro CS5.5 because of the relatively few updates over CS5) now may be the time to upgrade, as Premiere Pro CS6 offers up many new slick features designed to speed up your work flow.

Ease of Use

Without dumbing their product down, Adobe has managed to streamline many things in this release, mostly pertaining to the workspace, that not only will help you edit faster, but also may make Premiere a bit more accessible for newer users as well.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new default workspace has changed to a “2-up” look. Both monitors reside on the top half of your screen and the bin has defaulted to thumbnails. The goal of this layout is to maximize the viewing size of your video, and really take advantage of the new “hover-scrubbing” feature in the Project Panel. read more...

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