Premiere Pro CS6 Roundup: Switchers, First Looks, and Tips

Screenlight by Chris Potter

Last week Rich wrote about his decision to switch from FCP7 to a combination of Premiere Pro and Media Composer instead of FCP X. Since then, Adobe released Premiere Pro CS6 (along with all the other CS6 tools) and a number of people have published first looks or accounts of switching to the increasingly popular NLE. Here is an annotated roundup of the best of those articles, as well as, some resources on how to get started if you are unfamiliar with Premiere Pro.

If you've seen any other good articles, or if you have a story to tell about your experience with CS6, please get the conversation going in the comments below.

CS6 Lovers

  • David Lawrence is a long-time Final Cut user who has been reviewing his NLE options since deciding that the magnetic timeline in Final Cut Pro didn't mesh with his editing style. Based on his extensive first impressions with CS6, it looks like he has found a new home. While he covers many aspects of the tool, the thing that blew his mind was real-time playback while editing on a relatively old system. In his words, "the Premiere Pro timeline is the honey badger of timelines." In terms of David's experience switching, he found that the adjustment to using the new NLE was much easier than relearning how to edit in FCPX. This one is well worth reading.

  • Cinematographer, filmmaker, blogger, and DSLR expert @PhilipBloom provides a great account of why he moved over to Adobe Premiere CS6 from Final Cut 7. Bottom line: The software is essentially what he needed Final Cut to become. The biggest strength is the ability work on multi format timelines with NO TRANSCODING?" Working with all native footage, all on the same timeline, is a huge advantage for someone editing a doc that combines epic, F3, a f100,5dmk2 footage. read more...

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