Premiere Pro CS6 Video Editing Computer Build

Vancouver Video Production Blig by Shawn Lam

It is time to retire the “old” video editing computer that I built for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 in early 2009. It isn’t that it wasn’t fast enough for my workflow but I got an offer I couldn’t refuse to sell it and have decided that the timing was right for me to build an even faster video editing computer for when Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is released. I expect Adobe will announce Premiere Pro CS6 and the entire Production Premium CS6 suite at NAB 2012 in April and will release the software in June or July 2012.

My Core i7 920 system was cutting edge when I built it and although I did upgrade a few of the components over the years, it still is basically the same system I started with and is still blazing fast. I called her “Green” because her NVIDIA co-branded Coolermaster case had green ribbing, a transparent green side panel, and emitts green LED glow from its fan.

Basically this was a quad core system with a good amount of RAM, a Premiere Pro supported NVIDIA CUDA card for GPU acceleration, and traditional spinning hard drives. The USB 3.0 was a late add-on for me and I used it for both speedy client file transfers to external USB 3.0 hard drives and for my always-on and backed-up nightly 10TB Sans-Digital external RAID tower that backs-up of my video editing and storage drives.

I should receive all the components for my new system late this week or early next week and it is a much different beast. The only legacy equipment (meaning I already own a spare one) I’ll install is a Blu-ray burner but otherwise this is a new system from the ground up. My OS will be Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I’ve listed the actual prices I paid from my local computer supplier, NCIX. Thanks to Videoguys for getting me started on this build with their DIY 9 specs, on which this build is based. read more...

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