Premiere Pro World Conference: 60-Second Premiere Pro Tips

PVC by Bruce Johnson

Howdy from San Jose! I've traveled from the great Midwest out to California to attend the inaugural Premiere Pro World Conference. The three-and-a-half day event actually started this afternoon with warmup sessions by luminaties including Eran Stern, Jeff Greenberg, Rich Harrington and Luisa Winters, whose "Adobe Certified Expert Prep Course" I attended and learned TONS of stuff I never knew about Premiere Pro CC. The information just keeps on coming, with sessions all through Saturday and Sunday, some highlights of which include "Mastering The Mixers," "The Codec Conundrum", "Extreme Customization," "Troubleshooting Editing Systems" and many more. But the real over-the-top treat happens tomorrow, when we get to go into the Mothership: The Adobe headquarters, located two blocks from our hotel. There is an entire day and evening planned, and while I'm not sure how many pictures I'll be allowed to take, I'll do my level best to get you inside with me to learn the past, present and future of Adobe Premiere Pro.

I took some time out of the (TOTALLY AWESOME) sessions at the Adobe headquarters on Friday to grab quick interviews with several folks. First up is Al Mooney, the Premiere Pro product manager.

Luisa Winters is an editor and clinician from the East Coast of the USA.

Jeff Greenberg is a well-known author and Adobe clinician. Here's his favorite quick Premiere Pro tip. After you watch this one, click here to find TWENTY more. Thanks Jeff!

Gary Adcock is a director, editor and DIT operating out of his company Studio 37 in Chicago. Here is one of the things he loves about Adobe Premiere Pro.

Rich Harrington is one of the best-known clinicians on Adobe products. Here is his best one-minute tip on using Premiere Pro to it's fullest.

Check out PVC for all the 60-second Premiere Pro tips

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