Premiere returns to the Mac by mid-year 2007

DMN Product Review By Charlie White Adobe announced that its Production Studio software will be available for both Mac and Windows, bringing Adobe Premiere Pro back to the Mac platform for the first time since Premiere’s last Mac release, version 6.5 in 2002. The company said it will also offer all its content creation applications such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Encore DVD and Soundbooth as universal binary applications for the Mac. Adobe plans to ship both the Mac and Windows versions of Adobe Production Studio in mid-2007. Adobe told Digital Media Net that the full functionality of Dynamic Link, the most powerful part of the Production Studio, will be intact in the universal binary Mac edition, where that workflow feature will enable smooth interoperability between all the applications in the Adobe Production Studio just as it does in the Windows version. Dynamic Link allows users to make changes in one application and have it show up on the timeline of another without any rendering necessary. For instance, an effect can be added in After Effects and then that effect immediately shows up in Adobe Premiere Pro's timeline without rendering. read more...

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