Premium Beat asks "Could Tesla be the power solution for on location filming?"

I'm a big fan of Tesla. Not just as a car company, but as a renewable energy technology innovator. I can't believe I missed this opportunity/ link to my own industry! Tesla Powerwall batteries could some day be powering entire on location film productions or remote trucks. Recharging using solar power. Great job by Johnathan Paul putting hte pieces together.
PremiumBeat by Johnathan Paul Engineer and inventor Elon Musk and Tesla Motors are always seeking new avenues of innovation. He’s changed space exploration and the automotive industry. Now he’s looking at energy. Specifically batteries. And we’re not talking about a new type of AA. No, we’re talking about a battery that can power your home. For reference, here’s the debut of the Tesla Powerwall. The possible uses for this technology on a film set are myriad. Just think… You could power your lights off the grid for ten hours, or you could power your camera for an entire day and not have to change a battery. Again, this could be a game changer. But… it’s not cheap. Right now the cost of these batteries is looking to be just under $10,000. However, as with all technology, the cost will go down with time. It’s obviously something we should keep track of, and it’s exciting to think about the future possibilities. read more...

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