PremiumBeats Top 9 YouTube Channels for Filmmakers

YouTube-Channel-865x505 (1)The guys at PremiumBeat have put together an excellent list of YouTube channels for filmmakers, video editors and videographers. I think thye are too modest, onlt including their own channel as #9. Videoguys is working on creating far more video content for our Videoguys YouTube channel, and our hope is that next year we get added to this prestigious list.
PremiumBeat by Caleb Ward Subscribing to these YouTube channels for filmmakers is like going to film school for free! Aside from simply going out and creating a film, one of the best ways you can get better as a filmmaker is to simply watch YouTube tutorials about the craft. From pre-production to exporting, these 9 YouTube channels are a fantastic resource for you to take your filmmaking skills to the next level. If you know of any other awesome channels, we’d love to hear about the in the comments below. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and subscribe to all these channels. These truly are great YouTube channels for filmmakers.
  1. Film Riot: Perfect for Indie Filmmakers
  2. Filmmaker IQ: Perfect for Filmmaking Nerds
  3. Dave Dugdale: Perfect for Gear Lovers
  4. Neumann Films: Perfect for Cinematographers
  5. Tom Antos: Perfect for Indie Filmmakers
  6. Indy Mogul (RIP): Perfect for Indie Filmmakers
  7. Philip Bloom: Perfect for Travel Filmmakers
  8. Every Frame a Painting: Perfect for Directors
  9. PremiumBeat (Shameless Plug): Perfect for Well-Rounded Filmmakers

Check out the full article, with videos and links to the YouTube channels

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