Preview: Sony Vegas Pro 10 by Edward Troxel

Vegas 10 greets 3D head-on with built-in support for Stereographic 3D editing. You can set up your project to support many different preview formats including half size left/right or top/bottom, full size left/right or top/bottom, anaglyphic, left/right eye only, checkerboard, blend, or difference. Then you also need to set up your preview for the desired setting.

After adding the 3D footage to the timeline, you can then adjust the various settings using the new Stereoscopic 3D Adjust effect. This effect will also help adjust depth settings and many other aspects related to 3D editing. Once your 3D masterpiece is created, you can then export into various formats including the new YouTube 3D format, Cineform Neo3D, and even individual left/right eye views. So with a single project, you can render both 3D and standard versions of your movies.

Later versions of Vegas Pro 9 introduced Closed Captioning support. This support has been extended in Vegas Pro 10. There are many new previwing optons for Closed Captioning. Click on the Mask Overlays dropdown arrow and you can choose to display any of the various types of captioning. The ability to preview these captions makes it much easier to determine how the final output will look.

In addition to previewing, Vegas can add line 21 CEA-608 closed captions. Closed captioning can now be exported for DVD Architect, YouTube, Real Player, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player. You can also import captioning information from a variety of standard format files. read more...

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