Pro Video Coalition: MC7 Top Ten List

According to the What’s New Document the list of new stuff in MC7 is 25. I think we can whittle that down a bit by eliminating all of the ISIS-related ones (most people are not on ISIS, though those who ARE on it certainly will find them all critically useful), combining a few similar ones and dropping some other little used ones. My list of the Top 10– in MY order of importance - would be:

1. Editing High Resolution Media – FrameFlex ™ allows you to work with the full resolution of 2K, 4K and higher media, including reframing that media
2. Audio Improvements – The new mixer is pretty sweet plus Adjusting Clip Gain in the Timeline and Waveform caching. That’ll be the subject of today’s post.
3. Background Transcode/Consolidation – frees up the Avid editing app during the tedious process of transcoding and consolidating
4. Consolidate/Transcode ONLY AMA clips – this is a huge workflow improvement and goes along with AMA Timeline Clip Color
5. Color Management – Allows use of customized looks via CDLs (color decision lists) and LUTs.
6. Dynamic Media Folders – letting you automate ingest of media outside of the editing app
7. AMA Managed Folders – Avid is great at media management, but this did not extend to AMA until now
8. Alpha support for AMA QT clips – which is self-descriptive
9. Spanned Markers – already discussed in previous post
10. Timeline Navigation changes – use of “vertical scrolling” and mouse wheel

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