ProAV Integrators Pivoting to Live Streaming and Thriving

The ProAV industry has grown incredibly fast in the past year, largely due to the effect of Covid-19. Devices from companies like PTZOptics and HuddleCamHD are important for creating optimal live streams for businesses, houses of worship and more.

It's also worth mentioning the role of PTZ cameras in this workflow.  Cameras like PTZOptics cameras mean a step up in quality for video conferencing, house of worship streams, education streams and live sports production.  With the robotic motion of these cameras, users can follow their subject and add movement to their broadcast, making it more engaging.  


Educators are pivoting to live streaming to keep students education going, even when everyone either can't be in the class room, or can't share the same space.  Zoom, and other video conferencing tools have certainly become a common place facet in the classroom.  
For educators trying to engage students, equipment like a switcher or PTZ camera might be just the thing to keep students invested in a broadcasted lecture.  

Government Live Streaming:

Live streaming sessions for government organizations can be great when it comes to serving local communities and the public on a larger scale.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 38 states have issued mandates to promote the use of virtual hearings. 

In addition, town hall meetings and public forums are now mostly being held virtually, meaning the need for live streaming has very much found its way into government proceedings. 

House of Worship Live Streaming:

Live streaming has also been put to work in the house of worship setting to keep the congregation together.  With the power of live streaming gear, house of worship ceremonies and services can be conveyed in a way that is both engaging, and understandable to all members of the congregation looking to continue to observe during the Pandemic.  

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