Product Review: Padcaster for the iPad

Wired Educator by KCroy

The Padcaster is a unique product that allows you to mount your iPad to a tripod (and many other places) and attach external devices, such as microphones, while still allowing you to remove the device quickly without unhooking everything.

The Padcaster is a strong, lightweight aluminum frame that has a 1/4 and 3/3 threaded holes on each side, with an internal molded urethane insert to safely secure your iPad and allow a speedy removal. The threaded holes allow you to attach the framed iPad into any tripod or similar device.

Why would I want to put my iPad in a Padcaster?

The reason is simple. Your iPad is an all-in-one solution to shoot, edit, and publish video without having to upload, render, and other time consuming misadventures when using digital cameras. People want to be able to do it all, well, from one device. Well, the Padcaster enhances that experience on the iPad by stabilizing the iPad, removing arm fatigue, and offering the opportunity to add and upgrade higher quality mice, lighting and more. All with ought losing the ability to easily pop the iPad in and out of the Padcaster. You can even attach amazing high-quality lenses. (Check out the photos below.)

Padcaster Helping Physically Challenged:

I believe this is a new and undiscovered use of the Padcaster

, and I had to share it first because it has powerfully impacted the life of a student at my school. I discovered a unique educational function for the device while consulting with educators wanting to equip a multiple handicap student with an iPad. The student is confined to a wheelchair and has limited use of her body. We used the Padcaster to mount an iPad to her wheelchair. It allows her to see the device better, holds it for her safely, and has offered her the ability to use the iPad more independently than any other method we could find. The Padcaster truly helped this child. In our use, the iPad can be removed easily and quickly and reinserted with little effort. The device is safe and can be positioned anyone needed. We are incredibly impressed. We hope more educators find uses for this device for physically challenged students. read more...

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