Product Review: Sony Sound Forge Pro Mac

By Larry Jordan

In early October, Sony Creative Software released Sound Forge Pro Mac. While new to the Mac, it is well-established in Windows. (Sony Creative Software are the same folks behind Sony Vegas, Acid, and SpectraLayers.)


This software only supports audio, so it is best suited for podcasters, musicians, or anyone that wants to record, edit, or output better sound.

NOTE: If you need to modify audio synced with video, Adobe Audition or Avid ProTools are better choices.

According to Sony’s website: “Sound Forge Pro Mac is a waveform-based audio editor that supports multichannel audio recording and editing. It features “focused editing, high-fidelity recording, one-stop audio mastering, and professional signal and effects processing. Sound Forge Pro Mac includes a comprehensive suite of mastering, restoration, and repair tools for immediate results.”

In Sound Forge, we can record a single audio file consisting of multiple channels, open multiple audio files at one time, view two clips side by side, edit individual clips and export clips to a wide range of audio formats. read more...

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