Product Review: Sorenson Media Squeeze 9 Pro

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How do you review a product as complex and capable as Sorenson Squeeze? I mean, video compression approaches rocket science. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed and inadequate just trying to compress a single video for YouTube.

Apple’s Compressor runs only on the Mac, but is tightly integrated with Final Cut Pro X. It is also easy to use and it’s cheap. Adobe Media Encoder runs on both Macs and Windows and is the compression engine behind all of Adobe’s video products. It’s bundled with all Adobe media products and it’s free. Then, there’s the ubiquitous, and free, MPEG Streamclip.
So why would anyone consider spending several hundred dollars to buy media compression software such as Sorenson Squeeze? There’s only one reason to buy any software for your business: it enables you to complete a task faster, better, cheaper, or more easily than what you are doing now.

If all you need to do is transcode videos for video editing or compress a file for YouTube, any of a number of software tools can do the job. But, when your job is to supply videos that play smoothly on different websites with the highest possible image quality, viewed on different browsers each running on different computers and mobile devices — suddenly the world becomes a very scary place.

Sorenson Media was founded in 1995 specifically to focus on the emerging field of video compression. Since that time, they have developed a number of award-winning video compression tools. Their two highest profile products are Squeeze 9, for video compression, and Sorenson 360, for video review and distribution.

This review looks at Squeeze 9 Pro.

Sorenson Squeeze is a video encoder; which means it compresses audio and video files from whatever they are into whatever you want them to be. read more...

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