Product Review: Tiffen Dfx v3 Video/Film Plug-in

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Sophisticated Simulated Glass Filters, Lenses, Film Stocks, FX and More…

Tiffen has released the latest version of their popular sophisticated filter effects. Unlike most other plug-in effects for After Effects, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro that often cater to creative whimsy and visual effects, the Tiffen Dfx v3 Video/Film Plug-in offers more real-world simulation of glass filters, lens effects and film stocks in a sophisticated and easy-to-use UI. This filter set will bring back memories of film cameras and glass filters we’ve all be familiar with in days gone-by, but with much more control, finesse and options beyond your wildest dreams!

Tiffen Dfx v3 Overview & UI

When you first apply one of the TIffen effects to your footage layer or clip in the Timeline, the default setting is applied and you can make some fine-tuned adjustments to that setting in your Effects Controls panel - depending on which application you’re running - for these tests, I’m using Adobe After Effects CS6, but they’re also compatible with the new Premiere Pro CS6 and Final Cut Pro 6 & 7. But the real controls are revealed once you select the “Dfx Interface” option in the Effects Controls panel and launch the separate UI. Take note that the Tiffen UI will give you a preview of the frame your current playback head is on over the clip in the Timeline when you launch the UI.

When you launch the Dfx UI, you will notice three main sections. On the left is the presets panel, where each effect has various selections of presets available to browse through. In the center is the preview window, where you can choose from various methods of revealing the before/after effect with side-by-side, wipe handles and stacks. On the right side is the control panel where only the settings that apply to the specific effect are enabled, but allow you to fine-tune your effect once you’ve selected a preset to start with. read more...

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