Production Assistant for Sony Vegas Pro: From a Final Cut Pro User's Perspective

DMN by Heath McKnight

Sony Creative Software introduced Production Assistant for Vegas Pro as a way to streamline post-production, and I have to say, it's a terrific plug-in, created along with VASST. As a Final Cut Pro editor, I take a different look at the software, and I also discuss Vegas Pro version 9.

Regular readers of my reviews and workflows know I'm a Mac guy who edits on Final Cut Pro (FCP). But some of you may know that I work with many editors on Sony Creative Software's Vegas Pro, so I have been known to work with that most-excellent Windows-based non-linear editor (NLE) on occasion. And out of all the Windows-based pro NLE apps out there, I like Vegas Pro the best.

For my review, I loaded up Vegas Pro 9 and the Production Assistant plug-in onto a 19-inch Toshiba Satellite laptop with plenty of speed, RAM, and hard drive space. I also used some demo footage from a friend of mine who had videotaped another friend's wedding, which I felt would be great for working with Production Assistant. I also incorporated some stills from the event as well.
Note: I've had the pleasure of working with VASST: years ago, I joined Douglas Spotted Eagle (Spot) on an HDV instructional tour around America, and I also co-wrote and contributed to their two best-selling books on HD production and equipment. I know VASST to do excellent work, and I've even had chances to try some of their Vegas Pro plug-ins, like Ultimate-S Pro. read more...

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