Production company goes hi-def

Mark is a Videoguy's customer. We sold him the Matrox RT.X2 with Adobe Premiere Pro that gave him teh editing solution he needed to make the move to HD! by MARIAN BOND In the ever-changing world of digital, high-definition technology, Mark Carey, owner of Markone Productions Inc. in Sparks, was faced with making major decisions on what path to take to offer the finest product for his clients and to stay on the cutting edge. In operation for 20 years, Markone produces TV shows and commercials for Northern Nevada companies such as Jones West Ford, Bill Pearce Motors and Dickson Realty. Carey's company produced five seasons of "Those Golf Guys." "These days, everything is going digital and high-definition," Carey said. "What we have done over the last year has been to put in the investment and all the necessary support equipment to facilitate the transition to high-definition -- new cameras, new computers, all the associated software that goes with it." read more...

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