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At one count, there were 1,575,263 apps available between the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users, and the list keeps growing. Whittle that down to apps for video production applications and you'll find hundreds of apps across multiple platforms designed with both the novice and professional video production services provider in mind.

Mobile Apps - they’re everywhere, now. Factor in platforms like the Windows phone and tablet, Blackberry and other technology yet to be released, the sea of mobile apps can be vast and overwhelming. How can video producers find the best video production services for their needs? By meticulously vetting the voluminous mound of mobile video app options for you, the Videomaker team has streamlined the best video production apps into an ever expanding list that should help you maximize your time—from pre production to post production—while minimizing the time you spend uselessly swiping your way through the digital jungle of video production apps. This feature provides you with a growing collection of the leading video production mobile apps that could help take your projects to that next level. When you discover more, or if you know of a gem that isn’t on our list, please contact us through the comments section in this story or in our forums.

Potential Mobile Pitfalls
Before we regale you with the amazing benefits of these mobile video production apps, it's important to stress that these video production apps do have their share of shortcomings. A mobile device can't replace the experience of a professional video production veteran on location while shooting a series of corporate videos, nor can it serve as an adequate replacement for extensive edits that your project may require.

Additionally, video production apps are only as effective as the person using them, so before investing heavily in a particular app, be sure you understand the capabilities of the app. There is nothing worse than spending a few bucks on an app that collects digital dust on your mobile bookshelf. If you use common sense before clicking the "Buy Now" button for the latest and greatest app, you won't be left with buyer’s remorse when you receive your next mobile device bill. read more...

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