ProductionHUB asks the Experts: Video/Production Trends for 2017

2016 was full of upgrades, new advancements in 4K technology, virtual reality and more. ProductionHUB asked experts what they predict for 2017.
Tanya Walker, Marketing Manager, SGO prodictonhub Virtual Reality is currently at the forefront of the post-production industry, and very much a technology we feel is here to stay. SGO has invested in this future by developing a toolset that confronts the challenges VR currently presents. Although VR presents itself as a new technology, we think it’s a natural migration from Stereo 3D and a technology that will change the way people consume media. Consumers have become incredibly savvy with what and how they interact with content such as games, films, TV. They now have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the content they choose to watch and that’s something that is incredibly challenging yet exciting. As a leading technology provider, we need to be foreword thinking in our approach to developing the right toolsets to address the challenges VR presents by considering what DPs, stereographers and colorists face when working within 360 degree imagery, and there desire to work at the highest possible quality. It’s an exciting time and the next couple of years will be interesting to see how consumer demand drives the industry. Tony Trent, GM, Atomos productionhub We see 2017 as being the year that HDR (High Dynamic Range) becomes the norm. In 2016, we saw lots of exciting announcements from the flat panel brands on HDR at CES in January, and we saw ourselves make huge HDR announcements at NAB in April to support the log cameras that already have HDR capability. Now right at the end of 2016 we are seeing the content providers get serious about HDR with the latest announcement from YouTube underpinning the appetite for HDR content moving forward. We believe that this is the tipping point to see HDR explode through 2017 – of all the “potential” trends in 2017, HDR is the most tangible; the log cameras people already use are HDR-ready, end users are buying HDR flat screens now, YouTube / Amazon / Netflix have all moved to HDR and the missing piece of the puzzle i.e. monitoring HDR correctly in the field has been solved by Atomos.
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