ProductionHUB Zeros in On Storage Solutions

Breaking data storage down from the essentials to heavy hitting systems, this article will guide you through options to suit your professional needs. Don't miss this article on the new Avid NEXIS PRO Team bundles.

Storage Solutions Take Center Stage Making It Work For You (Part One)

From ProductionHUB Remember that time that you and the team worked for three whole days and nights to hit that impossible deadline? No? Selective memory? You tried to forget? Your clients didn’t. Remember that exact moment it all crashed and it all went to sh*t because you didn’t back it all up to a nice big storage platform cause you would “do it later when we had time?” Well having been there, I can tell you it might be one of your worst professional moments ever. Lets hope that you NEVER feel that way. It is possible. Check it all out…

Big, Bigger, Baddest

So, as stated earlier hopefully this never happens to you. Now that you have decided to play it smart, what are your choices? Let's just say there are a lot of really good solutions that we are going to look at. Everything from smaller portable drives to large enterprise solutions, all the way up to the cloud. But we will save cloud based workflow and storage for another day. To pick the right one for your business, you need ask some of these basic and smart questions. How do you envision your workflow? Do you work in small batches? Are you scaling up to 6K and beyond? Is it just you working on the project or are you working on a collaborative edit or project that will require permissions? According to Sam Eilertsen, Award-winning Senior Editor of Woodhaven Productions it’s really all based on what you are trying to do. “For 4K we are just like a lot of production facilities. For Slimebuck, our latest project, I've generally found if you get quality USB 3.0 hard drives you won't have a problem. With RED footage however, processing is the bigger bottleneck than read/write. For 6K I'd want RAID thunderbolt drives like the one G-Technology sells.” Well stated Sam. So where do we start?..[continue reading]

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