Professional Results On An Amatuer's Budget

by Jim Bask cardoneBecome An Independent DV Filmmaker The Encore Horse Trials DVD collection shot by Wes Cardone of W. Cardone Productions. When MiniDV camcorders were first introduced many aspiring videographers immediately realized that they could take advantage of the revolutionary technology and create a very professional production for a fraction of the cost compared to high-end broadcast systems. Since then the computers, editing systems, hard drive storage solutions and other equipment has all gotten more affordable and more capable of supporting the rigorous needs of video. Now, HDV cameras and high definition DVD solutions like Blu-ray and HD-DVD are about to revolutionize the industry once again and make an even higher level of professional quality production tools available to the budget-conscious independent producer. I had the pleasure of talking with a producer out of Michigan that has recently impressed many of his customers and peers with a relatively humble production system (only by traditional broadcast’s actually a quite impressive set-up!). Wes Cardone of W. Cardone Productions combined the strength of a new AMD dual core workstation with the Adobe Production Studio Software, a Sony HDV camcorder and a few DV camcorders to put together professional video coverage of a recent equestrian event. In fact, Wes and his crew managed to show up at the Encore Horse Trials in Ann Arbor with video cameras & equipment in hand after being invited to cover the cross-country competition just three days earlier. When Wes shared his experiences with me and sent a few of the completed DVDs he created I was so impressed that I felt compelled to share his story as a testament to how technology can help you create a truly professional DVD with just a modest budget. read more...

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