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Curious about what's new in iZotope's RX5 Audio Editor complete audio repair and enhancement software? Take a look at this review from a professional audio editor.

Review: iZotope RX 5

Audio Media International blog by Jerry Ibbotson RX5 Audio Editor softwareJerry Ibbotson fires up the latest version of the firm’s acclaimed audio editor to see what’s new this time around... "Any chance you could fix a problem we’ve got with the sound?” It’s a phrase that makes me feel slightly faint and sick inside and normally comes from the mouth of a filmmaker or a student. Or a student filmmaker. But I’ll let you into a secret: I actually love a bit of clean-up. I’m more of a keen amateur in this particular field. There are whole teams who work on tidying up sound every day of the week whereas it’s more of an occasional thing with me. But taking a bit of dirty audio and polishing it up is pretty damn satisfying. When iZotope released its RX 3 set of audio tools I jumped at the chance to review it and was really impressed with the results. I’ve used it to fix a wide range of sound issues, from background hum to dodgy room acoustics, and it’s proved invaluable. Since then RX 4 has come along, although I didn’t get a chance to play with that version. Now we’ve got RX 5 and luckily I’ve been able to get my hands on it. What exactly is it? It’s a set of tools that can run either as VST 3 plug-ins or as a stand-alone program – a Swiss Army knife of sound-fixing widgets. After a swift download and install, I ran into a few problems with trying to run RX 5 as a solo application. It tried to open it, but then hung before crashing out. I was using a Windows 8.1 laptop, which recently had a Windows 10 upgrade before being rolled back. This may have contributed to the problem, which I think is a display issue. But despite uninstalling and even using Windows Restore, I couldn’t get it to work. Cue some head scratching. That was when I switched to using it as a VST 3 plug-in with Adobe Audition CC 2015. Adobe and iZotope have a good working relationship – some of the built-in effects in Audition have in the past been iZotope products and RX 3 always worked fine in the Adobe DAW. No big surprise then that RX 5 slotted straight in with no problems..."
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