ProGrade Announces CFexpress Type A Cobalt Memory Cards

ProGrade has expanded their family of CFexpress memory cards with their new Type A Cobalt Memory Cards, which were announced recently. Prior to the announcement, the only company offering CFexpress Type A cards was Soiny. ProGrade joining these ranks means a win for consumers.

CFexpress Type a is a media format that has yet to see wide spread adoption, making ProGrade trend setters.  The cards are small, smaller than SD cards.  However they have double the speed. 

Check out this chart illustrating the difference between Type A, Type B, and Typce C. 

The implication of a tiny size, but increased speed means cameras can remain small but still have the capability to process professional codecs.  

Check out this article from to learn more about these new cards. 

Learn more about ProGrade HERE.

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