‘Project Christine’ PC and Thermaltake Level 10: Separated at birth?

By Charlie White

Innovative gaming hardware company Razer rolled out Project Christine, a gorgeous PC prototype at CES 2014, calling it “a revolutionary new concept design.” You might believe that if you’ve forgotten about the Thermaltake Level 10, a computer case design by BMW DesignworksUSA that turned out to be a flash in the pan three years ago.

Now that I’ve gotten that comparison out of the way, let’s take a look at what this Project Christine PC really is and isn’t.

First of all, it’s not available. However, Razer has shown off innovative design concepts at CES and then subsequently shipped something similar, (I’m looking at you, Razer Switchblade laptop of CES 2011), so this could very well turn into a reality sometime soon. I hope it does.

Even though the design is not entirely new, I love it. It’s completely fanless — liquid-cooled with mineral oil — making it theoretically ultra-quiet. It has what Razer calls a “fancy screen” that adds extra coolness by displaying the OSes available to boot, status updates and that iconic Razer logo. And let’s not forget, it can accommodate a quartet of the fastest and most-advanced graphics cards.

Even if you don’t care about all that techie stuff, just look at it. It would fit perfectly on the set of any science-fiction movie. These are high-rez pictures, so I’d suggest you click the double arrow on the upper right of the first graphic to get the full effect: read more...

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