ProMAX Platform Portable: Videoguys first look

Videoguys by Scott Smith & Eric Newman FullSizeRenderIt’s been an exciting time for us here at Videoguys with the introduction of ProMAX shared storage solutions to our product line! We love testing out the products we sell and the ProMAX Portable line is no exception. We were able to get this box going in a little under 15 minutes with our G-Technology G-RAID Studio Thunderbolt Drive. We also attached an older G-Drive via USB3. We were able to immediately pickup on editing an HD Premiere Pro CC project through our existing 1Gig-E network with no timeline stuttering. We found some old video and photo files on the G-Drive and brought them into the project as well. When we exported a part of the timeline we got about the same times we would have if we had it plugged into the computer itself. The same applied for when we exported the media as well. While working on the project it felt as if we were coming directly off the drive and not over the network. The G-RAID simply plugged right into the thunderbolt port, drivers installed, and then it was immediately available for use within the ProMAX system. Network setup was also simple since the ProMAX automatically assigns itself a name that can be accessed from your workstation’s browser. After you visit the page you simply download the Listener software (which you only need to do once) and then log in to your account that was setup by your administrator, from here all you do is click on the space you want to mount and start working! We were able to access the files and projects from any machine on our network. We tried editing differnet projects using both our DIY11 and HP zBook 15" at the same time. No problem! We can't believe how well it works and how easy it was to set up and access our files. If you are looking to migrate your small editing workgroup from attached storage to shared storage, ProMAX Platform Portable is a great choice. You'll be able to log and organize all your exisiting media, on all kinds of different drives, for everyone in your workgroup to share. We used our exisiting 1Gig-E network and switch. If you do not have a 1Gig-E you can directly attach up to 5 workstations with the Platform. For best results with shared storage, we suggest using a G-Tech G-RAID or G-Speed Studio drive attached directly to your Platform Portable via Thunderbolt. This will be fast enough for several editors to work with 2 or three layers of ProRes footage. If you use native HD files, you'll be able to support even more editors and more layers of video per project. If you need to go with 2K or 4K footage, you'll need to upgrade to 10Gig-E connectivity.

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