ProPresenter Uses NewTek NDI to Power 3-City Passion Event

Here's an impressive user-story from NewTek. This large-scale media presentation and live event producer used NewTek's IP-production technology, NDI, to fuel presentations for a collegiate ministry gathering of over 32,000 people. They saved time and money using NDI versus buying and installing more video cards to handle technical needs. Are you upgrading your production hardware for IP production? NewTek's TriCaster Mini's now come NDI-ready, and of course the TriCaster TC1 fully loaded end-to-end 4k production system does too. Read on for details: From

NewTek NDI user storyPassion Conferences collegiate ministry held its annual gathering the first week of 2018, bringing together more than 32,000 students from 700 universities and 35 countries to three arenas. The conference, which has been active for over 20 years, consistently sets new standards for high-quality productions and this year was no exception. As in previous years, Renewed Vision’s software solutions played a major role, with ProPresenter6 and its new PVP3 media server – both now equipped for NDI support – responsible for driving graphics, lyrics and video content across large displays.

“We have been honored to be a part of Passion conferences almost since their inception, and are always interested in hearing their ideas for innovating live worship gatherings,” says Brad Weston of Renewed Vision, who, along with several other Renewed Vision employees worked production on the event. “The 2018 conference brought some really unique challenges, and we were thrilled to be able to provide powerful solutions to those challenges.”

The biggest challenge in each in-the-round venue – Phillips Arena and Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta (the third venue, Washington DC’s Anthem, is a traditional theater) – was the use of six large angled trapezoidal shaped screens on which live camera shots, worship lyrics, and pre-produced videos were shown. Trussing was hung over the stage with a central spine and three thrusts 120° apart from each other, with two of the uniquely shaped screens hanging back to back from each of the thrusts. This resulted in two screens being visible from most viewing angles in the arena...[continue reading]

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