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Free Video Tutorials from when you buy Avid Pro Tools, Over $100 value, but don't wait this is a limited time offer. Free Tutorials Pro Tools, for a limited time, new perpetual licenses and annual subscriptions will include over $100 (USD) of premium tutorial videos from These five video tutorials give new users the tools and training to produce professional tracks from start to finish. The videos from demonstrate advanced techniques from Grammy-winning mentors, and teach the skills needed to record and mix with confidence such as:
  • producing a beat using virtual instruments
  • recording vocals with confidence
  • adding EQ to make your vocals shine
  • compressing tracks for loudness and dynamics
  • dialing in a radio-ready mix
Plus, as an added value for existing customers, during this special offer these tutorial videos will also be available to everyone with an active Annual Upgrade Plan. This offer also ends September 30, 2016 and must be redeemed by that time. New customers, get off to a good start with tutorials from—buy Pro Tools today!
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