PTZ Cameras Bring Enhanced Production Value to Broadcast Studios

PTZ Cameras are now a fixture of many live streaming broadcast studios. This is due to their compact size, ease of use and ability to get unique camera angles, without multiple camera operators.  Recently, Paul Richards from PTZOptics contributed to a great article detailing PTZ Camera's place in the broadcast landscape for

“Given the changing production environment with the pandemic crisis, broadcasters who have incorporated PTZ camera technologies have created more nimble scenarios for their teams.”
-Paul Richards, PTZOptics

The automation that PTZ Cameras bring to the table allow production teams to bring in more camera angles, for a more lively and engaging broadcast.  Better still, these angles can be achieved without adding additional camera operators.  

With social distancing protocols, this meant PTZ cameras had a major role to play in keeping a lot of productions moving.  With lighter production crews, there was a need to keep a lot of live events going, with less man power or resources.  The flexibility that PTZ Cameras allow was key in a lot of these productions. 

PTZ Cameras are also a still growing technology, and they are decently new to the broadcast landscape.  The generations yet to come will be adding more features, and capabilities that will continue to elevate the live streaming world.    

“The next generation of PTZ cameras will certainly come with added features that include better resolution and larger image sensors, and they will also incorporate more artificial intelligence to enable easier control. These added technologies will include motion tracking, facial recognition and more adaptations to improve those controls. PTZOptics cameras now include motion sync, which is an advanced technology that triangulates the positions between two PTZ preset locations and is designed to make pan, tilt and zoom movements look more natural by synchronizing their movements together."
-Paul Richards

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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